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RP afterwards

Did pretty good in the RP tonight. Completely fluffed one bit, but I think I can fix it ("in post-production" as the film people are wont to say). Need to transcribe and maybe add some stuff. Well, actually "definitely add some stuff".

Then Ep exemped to me so I could do the mish that killed me yesterday. Yesterday, it was full of reds and had two purple jump bots in a small area. Today, with Ep exemped, there was one purple jump bot and no reds - all oranges/yellows. Feh! Oh well, got the mish done, anyway.

Toly went to the doctor about his blood test "abnormalities". Turns out his cholesterol is a little high for someone his age. So they want him to exercise more and lose about 25-30 lbs (!) and come back in three months to see if that helps. This is fairly do-able, in some respects. Toly's been losing some weight already, but not fast enough, evidently, and he's more sedentary than I am. OTOH, he'd already decided he needed to do more, so he ordered a more rugged DDR pad last week and it's already on its way. I may start doing it too - I need to exercise more anyway, and if I lose weight into the bargain, so much the better. (I'm not under any doctor's orders or anything, just want to lose another 10 lbs. ;)

Now I'm hungry, but I really hate to eat just before bed...
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