Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Did two missions with Llocke & Llode last night - conveniently, they overlapped. I had a "defeat Rebar the clockwork" mission and Toly had a "test the EMP glove on clockwork" mission so we did both at once. Got about 1/2way to level for each of us.

Then switched to Bone, teamed up with Push and (later) Doc Rayvn, and got a couple more missions of the "Unnatural Order" story arc done. That leaves one arc to start (the "General Z" one) which the contact won't talk to me about, and the two badges for Bone's level. I can't talk to the badge people yet for some reason, so if I dont' get those now, I'll have to find someone to help with that.

Then tonight we finish up the Calvin Scott TF. Whoof. I think I'm actually OD'ing on CoH right now.

I know I'm one of, like, five people who like the CoH comic book. I do! I hope the new story/etc. coming up with issue 13 will be OK. For those who don't get the comic, in issue 13 is a whole new team (writing/art/etc.) with all new stories and characters and a whole new publishing company. And it's gonna be about the "big names" in CoH history, like Statesman (CoH's Superman analog) and stuff. And I really liked the ones we read about the past year, the more street-level heroes. I hope they still allow for guest stints by players. Sometimes if you win a contest you can get your character in the comic as a cameo, and I dream for Heat Lightning to appear like that. 'Course, I have to win a contest for that to happen, and so far the contests are not ones I'm skilled at...

I may also have successfully squelched my urge to write poetry. (I am not inherently a good poet. A good prose writer? I like to think so. But not a poet. Though I have occasionally written some sonnet-like things in the past.) Last night I "typed" it all out in my head as prose. I'm still not sure it's safe to share it, though. Sometimes, intensely personal things are like that.

So today at noontime I might nap, or write, but probably won't do CoH since I'll be doing that tonight. I have no idea what the rest of the day will be like - there's still plenty of laundry to handle, and parks to visit, etc. Maybe I can wangle a trip to the folks' house so I can get a breather, I dunno.

I think the French onion brown rice is not agreeing with me. Or the oat-bran granola cereal, now that I think of it. Probably the cereal - I've eaten lots of brown rice with no effects, but the cereal is new. Argh.

The commercial for Lego Star Wars: The Videogame cracks me up.

I should wash my contact lenses but really can't be bothered. Man, I love RGP lenses. You can abuse 'em so bad and still come out OK.
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