Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Very, very sleepy

Fic is at 4000 words. Very sleepy - been pushing it too hard the past several nights, and last night finally did it to me. I really need to get to bed by, say 9:30 or 10 tonight, I think, to catch up. I did manage a 30-minute rest this afternoon, but it wasn't enough; I suspect I'm losing coherency, and I know I'm headachy from being tired.

Having said that, I've got things to handle. I'd like to keep going on the fic, but I just don't know if I can do it justice. We'll see. I need screencaps of Ray and Eric. I need to have Toly's alt in the 9s be a money-holder so I can move money between my mains.

I found a recipe today that reads, in the notes, "This is a great way to use up leftover brownies." Hello?! When does anyone ever have leftover brownies? It's not like bread heels or a half-cup of mixed vegetables. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "I just made too many brownies and nobody will eat them!" Maybe it's 'cause I'm so tired that the concept just boggles me.

Back to sleep - we're going to remove the light from K's room. She has a nightlight in there, but we found out that she turns the light on at night (with her door closed so we don't notice unless we go look) and apparently plays, or reads, or whatever, for quite a bit of the night. And then she's tired and easily upset all day long, and needs her Buddy (=comfort item) on a constant basis, and lately she's been playing "Let's make the bed and go to sleep!" (honest, this is her new game.) So maybe if the light isn't on all night, the temptation to play will be less strong.

Made pancakes and carrots for supper (not in the same pan). Multigrain pancakes - cornmeal, whole wheat, some regular wheat, oatmeal. Probably should've put wheat germ and something else in there, but they weren't bad. Kids ate a lot of both.
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