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TF results

Great day, bad night, for several reasons.

For those in the TF: No, I never got my reward, and I don't care anymore. After 45 minutes (during which time I did the buy/sell, did another mission, and got increasingly tired and cranky since it was now past midnight) I logged off, then opened my email to discover their note saying they needed to know exactly what I *did* get from the mission ("all mission rewards") and the specific time of TF ending* and blah blah and like I said, I didn't care anymore. I did the TF as a favor for friends. I didn't do it for the respec (Bone still has his free one) and I didn't do it for the SO - I can buy another one of those, when it comes down to it. At least I got the badge.

...which of course means I'll have to put Heat through that hell, too, so he can get the badge.

Kids woke up during the night. Not happy.

But I did find out some of the things I needed to know for the fic. And we did finish the TF, so everyone was happy about that.

*I knew it ended around 11:30, but had no idea what my mission rewards were at this point beyond "some XP and a badge". I wasn't sure how specific they wanted me to be, and since I was logged out, I couldn't look it up.
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