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CoH stuff

The CoH soundtrack for 9/10ths is coming along... have the basic layout, the art, and the track listing... except, of course, for good ol' "track 12." It's now track 8 on the soundtrack, but for the life of me, I can't find the artist/title. We tried putting the CD in the computers, but no dice, it just says "track 12 by artist". I know it's on my old computer, and I've spent an hour poking through the files there. I found all the other files on that CD, except that one. Argh... I guess I need to spend another hour on it...

Anyway. It should be OK, I hope, the artwork and stuff. I have begged tyraarane to help me with the art stuff because while I know sorta what I want, I'm not good at the actual graphical stuff. Like arranging text and fonts. I mean, yeah, I can put a couple words on an icon, but to make it look all professional like on a CD? I needs help for that. ^_^

Started the Calvin Scott TF last night with the 9s, was the first death of the evening, but only one death, and I worked off the debt pretty fast. Heat hit SL 31 in the same time, yay! Ooh, I get three enhancement slots now instead of two! And he also got the Unyielding (i.e. "man, I've been killed a lot") badge. I do need to sell stuff before the next session, though. And I got to make a cheap joke about Rikti drones, and Nightkill thought it was funny. :)

Speaking of the 9s...

I think I did OK on Lapis. Obviously, he's lost a lot of weight, but kept in shape, and he lost his third eye, and no store anywhere in Sim City sells orange pants. So I did the best I could. ^_^ I actually tweaked the facial structure (for the first time!) to get a more Lapis-like face.

The other one is... Nightkill! It gets really hard to transfer some of the CoH characters from superhero outfits to "civilian wear". I managed to find a mask for her, and again, I did my best to find clothes that kinda matched her costume colors. Maybe this is civ wear for her too. I figured (based on her backstory) long sleeves were a must.

Anyway, let me know what you think. ^_^
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