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Almost forgot - customer service

I'm thinking of rescheduling doing the customer service for my bro. Right now I do it at noonish when the kids nap (wait for it) because then I'll have my evening free, right? Well, you get days like today, when K doesn't nap, or a day like today, when the CS is sheer and utter frustration. Either way, I realized this afternoon, I'm essentially giving up my middle-of-the-day time off to decompress. If anything, it's even worse, because I end up stressed from the CS and thus freak out by afternoon, and at 8 pm I sure don't feel like doing anything but shutting off my brain.

This is not good for creative endeavors.

Therefore, I'm going to tell my bro that I want to reschedule the CS work for evening. That should give me back my noontime decompression, maybe I can write, who knows, at any rate that'll be for me.

I should note at this point that Toly thinks I might be better off just quitting the job because of the stressload, because bro wants to add more onto my responsibilities, and Toly is concerned about my stress going even higher as a result.

In other news, in Sims 2, Ray & Jamie had a baby girl. Yippee!~~
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