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Played L&L, finished 4 missions (some were the defeat-10 variety) and leveled us both to 10. Woooo~ Got new powers; Clear Mind for me and Targeting Drone for him. Not going to bother with creating a supergroup, it's not like we need it, you know? And now at level 10 we can start with the story arcs and badges again. Learned more about how to be a good emp def; when fighting Clockworks (which drain your endurance) I spent all my time keeping Llocke healed up while he waited for End to recharge. I'm used to keeping track of just my own health, though, so looking in a different part of the screen keeps fooling me. Going to have to see if I can move the 'team window' to the upper right of the screen or something.

Ate some yogurt. Feeling a little better. Still going to bed soon, I think. And because it's been, oh, a couple days since the last one...

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