Laridian (laridian) wrote,

It snowed

Pretty sure this means I *don't* have my dr appt this morning but I still have to call in to make sure (the roads are impassable but I don't want to get charged for a no-show).

We still have power, tho, and the lemon bubble is still above freezing.

ETA More pix under the cut.

Grapefruit tree is on its own after getting wrapped and covered.

Again, I know this is laughable to you northerners, but remember that we have no capability of dealing with this because it... just doesn't happen.

Below, the lemon containment bubble. The light bulb in there is so we can see more easily in case we have to adjust anything, which I hope we won't have to, considering all the snow and it's 15 degrees out. LED lamps don't give off any heat, which of course means you can't just put a light bulb out with the tree like you could in pre-LED days, so there's a small space heater with appropriate fire hazard security.
(the upside down patio tables are to keep the plastic & tarps in place against the wind yesterday/today)

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