Laridian (laridian) wrote,

New record!

22:39! WOOOOO Also I was a solo (I always am since I don't fight) against a team of 3. See that tiny little white circle, and the slightly larger yellowish circle around it? That's how far down the map was.

I watched and it's both scary and hilarious to see people running right past you and shooting up every other bush except yours and very obviously frustrated that where the eff is this clown! There's nowhere left to be!

Thing is, no way I could get to another safe bush when the time came without them seeing me, so I let the firestorm consume me rather than give them a free kill, since that's pretty much what I am in PVP.

(Willow uses camo in Nuclear Winter, btw. Flashy clothes are a good way to get killed there.)

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Tags: fallout, fallout 76, nuclear winter, pvp, willow ironwood

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