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Fluffy February Prompt #9: First Date

Johnny Pandemic, sometime in a far future where he's married Alatan and they somehow have at least one kid together.

"My assignment is, write about a moment in our family's history," Susanne said. She sat at the kitchen table, hands poised on her laptop keyboard. "So what is an important occasion for you?"

Her parents looked at each other. "The world ending?" Dad hazarded. "Prime, I mean."

"Is it for both of us, or just one?" Mama asked. "Like when I was starving on the streets and didn't speak English yet? Or when Slade was trapped in the temple of blood."

"There's the time we killed Lord Recluse in an alternate future."

Susanne looked pained. "Something normal. Something my teacher won't say I wrote for creative fiction class. Like, a first date. You two did that, right?"

Mama and Dad exchanged glances. "Ye-e-e-s-s," her father said uncertainly.

"Great! So, how old were you?"

"Let's see, you were already born, so - "

"Wait, what?" Susanne dropped her hands to the table. "You didn't have a first date until after you got married?"

"We were kind of busy," Johnny said. "We had to stop the alien invasion, see, and - "

"No, let's get back to 'first date'. I need to write this tonight. Now. What did you do for your first date?"

Mama answered. "How about this? There was that time we went to the haunted amusement park because we'd heard a report about mole men. We ended up on the rollercoaster of death - "

"So called because nobody had ever made it off alive," Dad interrupted.

"It was pretty touch and go, and I wasn't sure we were going to make it," Mama said.

"Especially when the demon bear came up out of the ground and mauled us. That was close."

"But you shot it to death with your laser pistols."

"Don't forget the ghosts."

"Oh, right, the ghosts. Well, they were more like evil manifestations that took the form of people you knew, like family or former friends."

"Then we killed everything that wasn't already dead and were so happy to be off the rollercoaster we ran like blazes for the exit."

"Does that count? As a first date?" Mama asked.

"You two are so unromantic!" Susanne howled.

~ ~ ~

My Parents' First Date, by Susanne Pandemic
They went to the amusement park and had a great time. They rode the roller coaster even though Mama was scared of it. Dad won her a plush bear at the shooting range. Their exes saw them together and were super jealous. Mama and Dad had a memorable and totally normal first date.

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