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Fluffy February Prompt #8: Hiding from a Storm

“You’re sure we’ll be safe?”

“Of course,” Johnny said. He looked so confident that Slade almost believed him. But then, Johnny had a knack for surviving very strange and deadly things, so of course a mere typhoon wouldn’t be all that threatening to someone like him. “It’s not like the island hasn’t been through plenty of storms before. A typhoon is just a bigger one.”

Even Alatan looked a little doubtful about that. “But a – ty-fone – is a truly huge storm,” she said. “Where will we be?”

“Well, we can stay in the big house, or we can go into the bunkers under the volcano and see what the squabble is up to.”

“The last time we visited the squabble, there was some kind of radioactive lizard monster that got loose,” Slade pointed out.

“That was because of the dimensional thingy.” Johnny waved as though this was no big thing. “I’m pretty sure they won’t be playing with that today.”

“I think I’d be more comfortable in the big house,” Alatan said. “I know the bunkers are underground, but…” She met Slade’s eyes. Johnny might have full faith that the squabble knew what they were doing and could be trusted, but Johnny was a mad scientist in a family of them, and his idea of what was safe was not of the same scope as theirs. 

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