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The mystery package from Australia

This was from a Postcrosser in Australia, who had already sent me a postcard a few weeks ago. However there was nothing in the package or exterior that said it was in relation to that postcard, and since in PX, you don't get the name/address of who sends you the card (unless they write it on the card themselves), I didn't know who could have sent this; the name/address were unfamiliar to me.

tldr, I messaged them via PX to ask if this was them - the most recent Australian PX'er I'd received from - and yes, it was them. Apparently they just... wanted to be nice and send me a bunch of stuff. Which is awesome, if expensive (see postage above). Also, I am amazed that a twine-wrapped package arrived. The USPS doesn't want that anymore because it catches on things, but maybe because it was from overseas? Note the twine is actively slipping off.

(I blacked out the address but those of you in PX: it has the same format as a PX label, which is why I started digging in PX looking for them)

So now I feel it's OK to share the pix! Maybe I should've done an unboxing. Heh. Welp it's still pix for now!

By the way, the whole thing was wrapped in paper, no box or envelope, with a couple of cardboard shims to keep things in place and protected.

The envelope says "Read first" and may be hand-decorated - pretty sure it is, given the sender's scrapbooking and journal-making hobbies (listed on their profile once I knew).

A handmade card... very lovely, really.

Wrapped parcels! The paper is black, it washed out in the photo light.

A couple of paper napkins with Australian animal motifs.

A decorative... thing... and a bookmark, and a printed napkin (!) with sewing motifs on it.

A handmade envelope - you can see the sewing edges around it - made of pages. Ngl, cute paperclips are the bomb, I just need an excuse to use the ones I already have :P

Inside are paper cutouts for scrapbooking/vintage. I've seen these in craft stores, never bought them, but now I have some and I can maybe use these in a project somewhere.

An apron (with strap fabric) featuring African wildlife. At first I was 'eh?' but the sender had previously lived in South Africa before moving to Australia. All the pieces fall into place. (Not shown, bc I forgot to take a pic, some little cake toppers - flags on toothpicks - with Australian and South African flags.)

Fabric pieces for pennants, I think? Photo included of the pennant with the fabrics. Not sure if these were leftover scraps or not, but notice the Australian animals all have Santa hats! It's Christmas fabric! Huxrin loves the Christmas kookaburra.

Then this handmade paper parcel which unfortunately I had to half tear apart bc the eyelet held it all together.

And inside that parcel: four tea bags.

I am not really a hot tea person, but "Russian caravan" and "Australian afternoon" sound interesting (they're black tea base) so maybe I will try those when the weather drops down to the low 70s here. :P

All in all, a very nice surprise package, and lots of things I can use!

(But please, if you send things to someone via Postcrossing, tell them your username/what postcard it relates to, so there's less confusion when it arrives! ^_^) This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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