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A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 7, Chapter 10 is now on AO3: Aren't You Glad You're You?

~ ~ ~

Either Raul didn't know how to be comforting, or he just didn't care. Gunnar drank the rest of the water. He felt awful. The word 'awful' didn't begin to describe it, but it was the only word he had right now. "Where's everyone?" he croaked. He still felt sick and the room hadn't settled down either.

"Taking turns sleeping. Your robots have everything under control." Gunnar watched Raul resume his game of solitaire. "You were dead on your feet, boss. So, you gave orders to the robots, we came back here, and found some beds to sleep on."


"Nobody was usin' 'em, boss."

"I see." And this was, indeed, a bed, not just a filthy mattress on the ground. Probably too hard for the NCR to carry away. "Did the NCR leave?"

"They did that very thing, boss. Nobody here but the robots and us loyal followers of a crazy Vault man. Since you claimed this is your territory, that means that for tonight, you're the only one worth a dam."

Gunnar began laughing and thought he wouldn't stop. It was hysteria, but he didn't care, either.

"It's not that funny, boss," Raul said with some concern, as Gunnar fell sideways on the bed, still laughing.

~ ~ ~

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