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A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 7, Chapter 7 is now on AO3: Vieni, Vieni.

~ ~ ~

Gunnar reloaded the Duzi. It wasn't the right weapon for this place, he'd been a fool to think just a handgun would be enough, even this one. He should've brought a shotgun, maybe. He was as likely to hurt himself as enemies if he used the barn gun in these confines, even if he had gotten better with practice.

How would he know when the war was over? He realized he wasn't sure. He began walking, rubbernecking to watch for enemies, but he didn't see anyone. Where was everyone?

He peeked around a corner. Nobody. Which way? Gunnar tried to orient on the sounds. That way, he thought. He had to get back to his team.

He followed that path and then stopped when he saw the Legate.

~ ~ ~

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