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More Customer Service baloney, and "whinge"

At least the "I want refunds on shipping" guy has been quiet. Either he gave up or he's moved to up harassing my bro instead.

Today was a mix of nice, easy questions ("Where is the website with the instructions?") and doofi ("I ORDERED 10 DAYS AGO WERE IS MY ORDER!!?!?!?!" when he lives in the UK... guess what?) and the to-be-expected oddball question ("How will I know what customs fees I have to pay?" - the answer to which is, paraphrased, "Beats me, I don't live in your country, you might want to contact your country's postal service directly...").

Meanwhile, a word question for you-all. I have recently seen an increase in use of the word whinge. It looks like people are using it as a substitute for whine but that's just a guess based on context. What I don't understand is whinge's popularity. It's a weird-lookin' word to me, and it breaks up the narrative flow, though probably I'm the only one bothered by it. Plus I have no idea how to pronounce it. Does it rhyme with hinge? Or wing? Or whine? (in which case of that last, if it sounds like whine and means whine, why not use whine?)

Is this a British-English word? I used to see it solely in Brit/UK writings/posts, but now it's spreading to the US, and for the life of me, I don't get it. >_>;
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