Laridian (laridian) wrote,

At last, it can be told!

My gift for [community profile] homemade2homemade has been delivered, so here are some pictures! :D

My recipient was [personal profile] perspi and at first I really wanted to do some kind of Fury Road thing, because that's not common, but I ran into some problems and had to revamp. But I love how the final product turned out!

So here is the final product. I kept the "What a lovely day" element from Fury Road, but went with rainbow colors (the white print background, the purple batik base) and a creative theme.

I am *so proud* of how this sewing machine turned out! :D All those lines! Some of the red thread was hand-sewn in places. "To Create!" was cross-stitched on Aida fabric which was then sewn onto the final piece.
Oh, and there's a little silver metallic thread for the needle, though that's very hard to see in the photo.

I loved picking out all the fabrics to go with this! And because I'm so proud of the stitching, here is the back of it:

The back is the same dark purple-blue as the hangers and lettering. This was a lot of fun to make something so cheerful and creative-themed, and I hope they enjoy it :D

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