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A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 6, Chapter 2 is now on AO3: Rest Day.

~ ~ ~

"So here's Vegas," Gunnar said, tapping the map with a pencil. "The Boomers are up here and I have to get to them, see if they can provide some support in the upcoming war."

"It's equally likely they'll shoot at everyone and anyone," Cass said.

"Right, but eventually they'll run out of ammo or someone will figure a way to smoke them out. Otherwise they're a tough nut to crack. On the advice of the good Doctor Gannon, I'm not to go up there until I can safely run while panicking as the bombs drop," Gunnar continued. "So I'll stay in Vegas for a few more days and be visible. Make some social calls." Arcade had finally handed over the mail, and Gunnar decided it was time to accept invitations.

"So we get some time off too?" Boone asked.

"You had time off while I was getting blown up by dynamite-wielding hit squads. Is there anything else I should know about?"

~ ~ ~

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