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A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 4, Chapter 37 is now on AO3: Under the Mistletoe.

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First Christmas away from

I want to write "you" but if everything happened as I think it did, you're long gone and will never read this. So I guess it's first Christmas away from my old life. At least I have a safe place to sleep and someone who loves me, and enough to eat.

I'll set out the little gifts like I remember. It's okay if that's all we do. Times have changed. Haha. I know better than to expect things like they used to be.

I wish Arcade could be part of us, but… Craig's right. If it happens, it happens, but I can't ask. It wouldn't be fair to him, when he obviously doesn't want that. And who knows, Arcade might even be offended by it.

I suppose… I know I'm weird for feeling like this, that I can love people like this, whoever they are, that most people can't. And the public would probably think I'm extra weird and having orgy parties in the Presidential Suite. Then again this is Vegas so maybe they'd be more impressed by that.

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