Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Today I have done...

...More laundry than I thought possible. Now I know why the laundry piles up: when it's all done, the dressers are full to bursting. Obviously it's time to get rid of a few things... Oh! And K folded and put away all the towels! Of her own volition! Go K!

...over 90 min of work for my brother, and it looks like more tonight. civic duty as a witness to an accident (noted in an earlier post).

...some serious rethinking/plotting on the end of the 9/10ths Sunday 9s arc. Should I get the chance tonight, given the workload, I'll work on that some too.

Also made dinner (diabetic-safe spaghetti and - you guessed it - meatballs), played w/kids, and felt my bronchitis acting up from trying to play with them in the backyard (running, chasing, etc.). But we got to see a duck flock up close (okay, it's only 6 ducks, but still) - they seem to have gotten over their fear of the kids, though I couldn't say why.

Back to the salt mines... another load of laundry just finished in the dryer.

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