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Postcrossing quilt: World map update!

Back to actual crafting and sewing at last! I do have some fabrics that I could applique down for Asia, but instead I decided to work on borders today.

See, the applique is fused on with a sort of temporary adhesive, which works great for keeping things in place. But it's not so great for long term stuff; you have to sew it down for permanence. Therefore today was "let's tack down South America".

Satin stitch around each piece for the borders. Yes there are some border gaps. Sometimes when you do applique it happens, especially on irregularly shaped pieces.

I also replaced 4 fabrics. When I first started, I doubled up on some fabrics because I didn't know how many I would get. Since I received a lot of them, I decided to replace 4 of the duplicates. These are Uruguay, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana.

This actually did take hours because there's a lot of course changing when doing irregular edges, so you can't go fast, and you're constantly shifting the fabric or something to get the right direction. Plus I had to refill the bobbin twice.

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