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Patreon: It's Up!

Some of you who've been around a long time may remember a certain long-running series of SF stories I wrote.

This, with editing/cowriting by <lj user="porkwithbones">, is the new, updated, original-universe version of it!

You can find it

Here’s the introduction from our Patreon page:

We’re Grace Punska and Lou Webber and we write the science fiction short story series The Artisent Chronicles. We started posting in May 2019 and currently post twice a week because that seemed to be the consensus ideal number of posts for a text story, but we’re certainly open to posting more often than that if our readership calls for it. Why?

Because at this rate it will take us two years to post our currently-written stories, and we keep pulling farther ahead. But we want readers to join us on our journey.

That journey centers on a group of clones who revolted against their owners, escaped, and made their way out of the solar system. Now they’re facing the unexpected challenges that come with establishing a colony on an exoplanet. Those challenges range from a shortage of certain professions among their population, to the absence of particular materials on their new planet, to their own biology working against them.

"Okay, but what else?" All-ace cast who are almost all aro to boot. Survival and building a new world with limited resources. The constant paranoia that they'll be found. Alien life and wild chickens.

It’s here. It’s free.
Here’s the first story, and links to the next story are at the bottom of each previous one.

Want bonus content? Ah, that’s where Patreon comes in:

You guys, we can’t stop writing this. We want to share more. The Artisent Chronicles as it is will always remain free to read, but how can we do more? How about a Patreon-only bonus story each month? How about occasional sneak peeks at our writing process and chances to give us story prompts? All that is available to anyone who pledges at any amount.

Want more? How about allowing people to vote on who appears in the bonus story each month? First crack at chances to prompt us when we’re taking prompts? All that will be available for a pledge of $3 a month or more.

Finally, just can’t get enough of the Artisent Chronicles? Want the opportunity to read next week’s stories a week early? That’s yours for a pledge of $5 a month or more.

Plus it gives you the satisfaction of supporting two female, LGBTQIA-friendly writers with families to feed.

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