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Some junk journal WiPs

Been getting into junk/art journal making and of course I have, like, 6 different ideas/plans at once. Pix below the cut. Originally posted at Pillowfort.


Top: The one on the left was 11x17" copy paper left to soak for a couple of hours, then sun-dried, because Texas sun. The one on the right is same except I poured the dregs of the (most evaporated) coffee on it at the end to see how it would turn out.

Bottom left: Two pieces of sketchbook paper, soaked once, dried, dunked again. This was toward the end of the coffee.

Bottom right: A few sheets of tea dyed copy paper. It really, really didn't want to take, as you can see. It's less obvious in person but I can still see it.


Various book pages both tea dyed and coffee dyed. Two of them (guess which) were left in the pan of coffee dregs to dry out in the sun. They look like topographical maps. Book pages were from an early to mid 1980s book. The page in the top left ("Part Six, Equipment") was tea dyed (again, the tea just... doesn't want to take). The patterns on some pages are because I set those pages on the metal table outside, for better airflow, instead of on the patio concrete.


The page I smeared homemade blueberry jam over. Next time I'll just use straight blueberries and see if that has a different effect. The smeary page has a weird texture to it. Possibly the sugar.

On the left: single soak, then sprinkled with coarse (kosher) salt while still wet. Interesting effect. Don't overdo it on the salt.

Middle: repeated soaks (soak, dry fully or partiall, soak again) In some cases the paper was left to fall onto the concrete and dry that way for water patterns.

Right: Left to soak in partly evaporated coffee until the dregs are out. The undersides are considerably lighter.

Paper is coffee-dyed salt-treated (note: if you do this then you probably should wipe the salt off before it dries, though it does leave an interesting texture on the paper).

Paper doily folded over & glued on one edge.

Bird feathers (domestic).

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck images hand-cut from a field guide and adhesed with spray adhesive (which also keeps the feathers in place).

Other side has some washi tape.

Two more pages I like.

"Birding Mastery" - cobbled together ransom note-style from a title page of a bird guide. Washi tape borders. Cutouts from the same guide, used the distress alcohol ink to make it the same color as the paper. Paper is coffee-dyed salt-treated. Then some stickers and marker effects in red and black.

On the right of that one, a page border with blue bird silhouettes, and some notebook pages in the same light blue as the washi tape, stapled in. The washi tape at the top hides the staples.

So here's some more! still cutting up that old birding guide (which is out of date; it still lists the Eskimo curlew as alive*). One thing that bugs me about it is that every single picture of a bird, whether drawn or photographed, the bird faces left. After a while it makes my eye twitch.

The costume jewelry piece is old, I don't know where I got it, but I've had it a long time. It was originally a brooch. Yesterday I got into the garage and pried the pin off the back, then used the grinder and dremel to take off the remaining pin mounts. The glass gem is the tallest part, so the current plan is to make a (very) little pillow out of fabric and stuffing to mount the pin to, and then attach that to one of the journal covers.

* considered extinct since 1987; last seen alive in 1963

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