Laridian (laridian) wrote,

NationStates and Sims

...So now we've gotten past the "easy" issues in Nationstates. Have to decide on the following:

Androsynth Colony - death penalty or more police?
Laridiana - fewer taxes or support the poor?

Bear in mind I'm approaching these from two different "national" mindsets. I could also dismiss the issues, which keeps the status quo even. Hm. At least I have all day to think about 'em.

Busily creating new Sims 2 characters: Teff and drew. Normal people + normal(ish) clothes = easy to create. Lapis or Micro or Push, those would be a lot harder. Still have to make Trouble Bubble (aka "TB").

Made mini-cherry pies for today's Easter brunch, and making a loaf of buttermilk wheat bread. I've already been warned there's carbs a-comin' at this meal, so at least I know what I won't be eating, so to speak. >_>;

...had meatballs and brown rice for two meals yesterday, actually.

Anyway. Besides NationStates and Easter, and my brother's work, I want to finish up the Bonefic. Oh! And yesterday while waiting for one/both of the computers to get their stuff done, I got the Andes, Rockies and Appalachians stitched in. woot!
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