Laridian (laridian) wrote,

WIP Wednesday - Patch Status Update

Today while working on this, more patches came in, and some pins! So I got a lot done on it.

Front now has, updated from last time: Denali N.P. and Pip-Boy from Fallout series on left.

In center, at bottom, a patchwork merit badge and the Nanowrimo "keep writing" badge.

In center, at center, hard to see unless you click to embiggen, a little cupcake charm.

In center, flanking New Mexico Museum of Space History: on the left are a raygun pin and a "got fabric?" patch. On the right, a "mad science" brain pin.

Right column is unchanged.

The other side of the bag now has 2 patches. Galaxy Quest logo and the DSMAC Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Project.


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Tags: patches, quilt: tote bag, space
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