Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Garden update

Rainy today, which is nice since that means we don't have to water. Could use some more rain tho (and will probably get it).

Meanwhile maybe ~16 tomatoes between the four plants? Though most of them are on Crimson Beefsteak and a few on Black Prince. Still - tomatoes are coming! We vaguely remember Cherokee Purple starting later but finishing later, which is good, won't deny I'm a little worried about too many tomatoes at once (I know, bite my tongue).

Lemon tree is still putting out occasional flower buds, but mostly we're on track with small green lemons now. Grapefruit also has small green fruits, smaller than lemon's.

Oh, and last week I pulled all the canola and put the whole plants into the bird cage so my birds could forage. I have to say they really went to town on the seed pods. And I think they enjoyed having "underbrush" to be in for a while.

We have a lot of little sprout tomatoes - not sure what the actual term is, if any, but when we planted these, there were some broken branches and others we had to trim off, and we put those in cups of water and now we have half a dozen cups with rooting tomato branches in them. Hope to plant those this weekend.

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