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Craft exchange can now be posted!

I can now talk about the craft exchange I made for [community profile] homemade2homemade! My randomly-assigned recipient was [personal profile] james, whose wish list included, among other things, space and NASA themes.

Below the cut are various pictures including rough draft sketch!

Pencil sketch of what I wanted it to look like, approx life size because that's way easier for me to make sure I've got it right. LOOK OUT: MATH

The space capsule is fussy-cut from a print. The NASA Mars logo was printed on inkjet-compatible fabric, because I couldn't find any NASA logo I liked, esp in Mars Orange. This pic shows the assorted pieces after sewing the base.

The rocket, closeup, in progress

Getting there

Completed front

Completed back! The actual finished piece has the "made by" filled in.

It's *very* hard to tell in these pix so here's a closeup: I added hotfix crystals to each side for extra sparkle, to be the stars. You can see at least 8 of them in this closeup. Most are yellow, white/clear or other pale colors, but there's a red one too.

I had a lot of fun making this and am very happy with how it turned out :)

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