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Helped Pyro with a couple missions, which was cool. Got the Bonefic to about 2k words and nearly done (yay!). Downside: need to write/post the Heat/9sfic before the Bonefic can be posted. Oops. Well, it was what the brain wanted to write, so...

To cap off my son's crummy (now-)36 hours, after listening to me say "Don't touch the hot pan!" repeatedly, he did so, and got a very mild burn on his finger. Cried like anything, but there's no mark or blister, so while it must've stung, it doesn't appear to have done any real damage. Probably scared him a bunch more than it hurt.

Toly's main game (his MUD) is having some big event all weekend, so I don't expect to interact with him much. ^^;; And my bro never called. Oh well.

I feel like playing Sims 2, but I should get to bed, so I'll do that. (Besides, the old comp isn't hooked up to the monitor or the splitter anymore. Feh! However, tomorrow I intend to at least temporarily hook it up to the monitor to do the screencap thingy for tyraarane if I can, and maybe I'll do Sims 2 afterward.) Hm... I feel a strange weird idea of "creating more Sunday 9s and/or LJ friends in Sims 2" coming on... (Ray & Jamie are already in there.) Well, we'll see how things go. G'night!
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