Laridian (laridian) wrote,

craft update, freezer paper piecing

I'm getting better at the freezer paper method of piecing oddly shaped, uh, pieces. I still don't like it much. But with enough repetition, one gets better at things, and so I've repeated freezer paper piecing and thus improved. Still not great; stay-stitching is still visible here and there. But overall it's better.

Which leads me to the above. Honestly? It looks fantastic! At this point I really don't know if I want to add the sled dogs to it. Maybe a couple of trees? This is just really beautiful as is. The other option would be to add some kind of "ALASKA" or other text over top, which is its own problem, and I kinda like how this turned out.

Fun fact: the lower right fabric is from my stash. The kit was missing one fabric. Fortunately that stash bit matches the other colors. (Click pic for bigger.)

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Tags: alaska, quilting, row by row challenge
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