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It's just Campustown, Jake

Today we visited Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station, TX. It is... a really big campus. And university. Like, almost 70,000 students. It's also a very important and very good school.

The problem we see is: the tuition is fine, but the requirement for freshmen to live on campus adds an extra $10k/year, which, ouch. At 90 minutes from our house, the commute is not great, though... do-able is the best I can put on it; but that freshman residency is just painful, because that's $10k that doesn't go back into anything regarding the degree, it's just living expenses.

That said, it's a beautiful college, no lie. Lots of programs. Lots of good stuff.

Anyway, pictures!

AngryDandelion and myself under the Giant Class Ring (because this is just so roadside-feeling to me, like the World's Largest Pistachio and stuff like that)

Side view

A floor mosaic I thought was very pretty

AD and Huxrin trying not to look cold and/or blinded (it was about 60 F by midday, or 15.5 C)

Part of the incredibly huge stadium, which seats 107k+ people

All the monuments seemed designed to be lit by the setting sun, so there was a lot of stuff backlit

"Students leave pennies on Maj. Gen. Rudder's shoes as a ritual for good luck." And they do! They really do! We found pennies there!

A quilt made to honor the Corps of Cadets, since TAMU has a very very long and strong military background.

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