Laridian (laridian) wrote,

I have a bullet journal!

Huxrin decided to try journaling and/or bullet journaling, and the package she decided on had 2 journals in it. Therefore she told me:

"If you pick out some themes, I'll do art for your bujo and you can dress up the rest of it."

Which is cool, because if she starts it, I can do the rest, right? Using stickers and washi tape and stuff. I can get artsy-fartsy too! ;) Though I will likely use this for collections and scrapbooky stuff and all that instead of "to do" because I already have a good to-do system set up.

Well, here's what she gifted me with!

First: the cover, which is absolutely lovely. The covers are also thick hardcover, very sturdy.

The inside pages have the "dot" pattern on them. She didn't set up calendar pages or anything, that's for me to do, or fill in as I need to. So she set aside several pages per month instead. Each month has a title page with a different theme (like here).

I won't show you all the title pages, but these are the ones I really like.

The Incredibles! Also probably the superhero section :D


It wouldn't be "me" without MST3K! :D

This one will probably be unfamiliar to most (or all) of you, but it's from my favorite of the Road movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, Road to Morocco!

Bing, Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope on a camel! She freehanded it based off this movie poster from its release in 1942:

Then there's this one, which I still have time to get started on:

And a few pages like this, for recording birthdays and other important events. This is important because I don't have something like this handy already.

There we go and I'm so happy to have this!

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