Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Xmas/holiday decor

Mom said, this year, let's only put up the handmade stuff. There is still a lot of it.

We bought the artificial tree with the lights already installed, and it looks super nice. We'll put up the handmade ornaments. It turns out that my kids have 11 years of ornaments from me (2009-2018 plus a pair from 2007 that weren't made for Christmas but *are* ornaments). I'll probably take some new pictures this year of the collection.

Then, I was sure I'd already made the 2018 ornaments (see above) and had packed them away so I'd know where they were, i.e., with the other ornaments. And I was right! About where they were, anyway. Turns out I had made two years' worth of ornaments, so I'm good through 2019. Yikes. None of them are labeled with name/year so I'll do that this week.

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Tags: holidays, ornaments, xmas
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