Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Postcrossing quilt: fabric update! (Lithuania edition)

Today's fabric update includes a very generous gift from from LT-631497 - seven fabrics and a beautiful piece of lace!

She says: "I have read all your profile with the greatest pleasure. You are a very interesting personality and your hobbies are so cute and cozy. I had great pleasure for my eyes and soul :)
I have chosen for you the textile fragments from my daughter's handicraft box and I really hope that it will be ok for your quilts. Best wishes from Lithuania."

Different sizes and colors, all very welcome in my quilt project! (Lace not pictured, my scanner doesn't like lace and some patterns for some reason.)

Master list of fabrics is here:

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Tags: fabrics, postcrossing, quilt: postcrossing
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