Laridian (laridian) wrote,

August Crafting Month Day 29: ANOTHER BRAIN

What would YOU do with an extra brain if you had one?

Handmade Brain Plushie! Approximately Life-Size!

Yes, I've got this one on Etsy, because a few people asked for one after the first two! I'm getting pretty good at these ^_^ Next up I have to actually make one for myself. I've had a lot of fun picking out charms to put on the brain (to represent memories and "what's on my mind" and so on) - the first two recipients did the same thing with theirs.

(The bottom pic is an example of how one of the recipients decorated theirs with charms for interests and travels. The anchors are a reminder to "keep anchored" when making big plans.)

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Tags: brains legacy, etsy, finished piece
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