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Haven't gotten anything notable done tonight. Blah. Now mostly just looking at the dossiers in The Incredibles and finally listening to the sound files with them. These guys could be so easily turned into Champions RPG characters, you know? Easier than CoH, anyway. (I'm starting to think Syndrome is not a tech-dev blaster [CoH] but instead maybe a tech-origin controller? His powers mostly involve holds/levitate and controlling robots...)

Can't get the thing working for tyraarane. Can't get the win98 machine connected to the internet, nor will it talk to the network (this latter is not a big surprise, none of the machines like to talk to each other for long). I have 6 definite songs for the CoH soundtrack, which technically makes it an EP rather than a full album. Feh. Wanted 10, but I hate to just stuff things in for the heck of it. Potential song ideas for Terecito and the Columnists (man, that makes for an ugly band name if you look at it right) but I'd rather have some more Eric and/or 9s tracks on there...


Installed KOTOR. Dad bought it, didn't care for it, said it felt more like my kinda game. OK. (He and Mom are really platform and FPS types.)

Printing off all my Androsynth fics. Over 100 of them, and Geocities makes printing a mild annoyance, but at least their ads are on separate pages from the fics.

Going to close off the poll tomorrow, 'cause that should be plenty of time for everyone to have voted. ^_^
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