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Preparing for school and other scattered thoughts

Huxrin has ~14 identical black pants (there was a sale a couple of years ago) that are hard-wearing (Dickies brand) but fading just because of use and washing. So today she dyed them with Rit, and now they're a nice sharp black again. Because new clothes are expensive but this cost under $10 for materials (2 bottles of Rit, a canister of table salt, some dishwasher detergent) and an afternoon of time.

Huxrin's friends are astonished that YOU CAN DO THIS? AND IT'S NOT TIE DYE? YOU CAN DYE FABRIC? Yes, actually, very easily. That's without getting into making your own inks/dyes from onion skins and walnut shells and the like. Kids today, I tell you! (Except Huxrin of course)

Also someone bought the constellation dress she made and commissioned her for another piece. Woot!

I gridded out a bunch of panels for a new patchwork plan, and let me tell you, after dealing with randomly shaped applique and tiny 1.5" squares, working with larger standard shapes feels weird.

Also I need someone related to me to win the lottery so I can afford a big longarm quilting machine so I can finish all these things.

Walmart brand "nacho cheese chips" (not Doritos!) are actually quite good and almost taste exactly like Doritos. But cheaper! I like them. 9/10

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