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So I worked some on the denim project today (a courthouse steps pattern) and ran into some problems with light vs dark denim. See, most of what got donated to me got used up, if the pieces were big enough, to make AngryDandelion's big four-patch dark/light denim quilt (which I kinda want to revisit now and fix up a bit but that's another project). So I don't have a full set of light colored denim left. Oh well, no biggie, I'll just finish it out with whatever I have left, y'know?

Then I thought: I could swear I've seen a big remnant piece of denim in the stash. I should go look.

Then I thought: Hey, I wonder what's in that one plastic tub I haven't looked at in ages?

The answer? SO MUCH DENIM. Pieces, pockets, rolled remnants, pelts (what I used to call the separate pieces of jeans, because they bear a superficial resemblance to an unshaped skin pelt) - holy COW do I have a lot of denim. Nothing in light jeans color, though!

Anyway, I have enough to finish the denim project; would be nice if I could do that tomorrow but might not be able to. There are 46 different piece cuts and I'm about 1/2 done sewing stuff together.

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Tags: quilt: denim
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