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I came up with this game for a story I'm working on with [personal profile] porkwithbones. My teenagers said "hey, that sounds cool!" and so I have to post the rules publicly now so that if it ever really goes public, I'm the inventor, y0.

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Rules of Ritterbahn

Everyone has a hobby horse, and you have to keep one hand on the horse at all times, and riding the horse (you can't just carry it). You can carry a weapon in the other hand, but they're silly things, like a pillow or inflatable mallet. The rest of it is capture the flag. To grab the flag, you have to drop your weapon. And you can't throw the flag.

There are two teams of up to 10 people on a team. (Preferred is to have each team wear tank tops or T shirts in the colors, like black and yellow, so it's easy to tell who is on which team.) You have to get the flag back to your goal. And there may be obstacles to run around or hide behind. You cannot pick up the enemy's flag, that disqualifies the player immediately. You can't hide the flags, they must be open, visible and available (which means you can't stand on the enemy's flag if it's on the ground)

You may not use your hands, feet or head to attack someone. You can only use your weapons. Malicious intent gets you disqualified (i.e. poking in the face) but whacking someone with a pillow is OK.

Weapons types: Giant Q-tips, foam swords, clown hammers, inflatable toys, pool noodles, pillows - must be silly/not-dangerous. Melee weapons only. No shields or helmets.

Obstacles are optional but can include: walls, crates, barrels, old cars, trees, bushes, water features, playground equipment... but see below for the pitch. You can try to climb obstacles while riding a hobby horse.

Soccer pitches are great for this because they have a big obvious goal. Since you can't throw the flag you have to carry it into the goal. Scoring is usually 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 rather than timed. Each game starts with the flag in front of the opposite team's goal. (I.e. if the two teams are Black and Gold, then the Black flag is in front of the Gold goal and must be retrieved and brought back to the Black goal.)

If this is not played on a soccer field then goals must be set aside and obvious to find.

Each team can designate loose "defense"/"offense" but mostly it's a big mad scrum. Since the flag bearer can't carry a weapon that means they will need escorts to defend them on the way back to the goal.

2 referees are recommended. Also an air horn to signal start of play, and when a goal is scored.

If you get unhorsed you must get back on the horse immediately to continue play.

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