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Customizing and Denim

Today I got a kit I'd bought last year and decided to finally get started on it. I took some pix of the package (which was actually put together really cute-ly) and then opened it up, so, sort of an unboxing slideshow. Then I took out the fabrics, and... one's missing.


Since I got it last year there's not much to do about it now, so I'll figure out a substitute based on the photo. I began sorting the remaining fabrics and figuring out how to customize it (I'd like it to go to Huxrin). And I realized the background fabrics are way too busy. The appliques/piecing will just disappear against them.

So I'm changing the background fabrics to being the actual back of the finished piece. I'll pick out some new fabrics for the background/front. So, much customization on the way.

Then while looking for something in the stash I came across a big bag of pieces I'd cut for a denim project a few years ago. This was when I was using the little machine (uh, Mom's, technically) and I kinda burned it out sewing denim, because the little China-made machines all use plastic parts nowadays and can't handle them. (Mom was not happy.)

But now I have a machine that can handle denim! Lots of denim! Like, EIGHT LAYERS of denim though I have no idea what the heck project that would be!

So after dinner I started sewing the project together. I might have enough denim pieces to actually finish it? Maybe? I don't know? It's been years. This was when I got everyone I knew to donate old jeans to me for various denim projects. I hope I can finish it without having to scavenge for more old jeans. On top of everything else, it's alternating light and dark denims.

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