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Garden Update

I haven't posted any garden pix in a while. To be honest, with the heat going, it's getting really hard to do much with it. But here goes.

Here's what's left of the grow boxes. The tomatoes are still hanging in there, and thanks to occasional rain and cooler weather, still producing some fruit. As soon as they stop, they get the ax, because they'll keep growing but not produce new fruit if it gets and stays too hot.

But you can see, there's still tomatoes, so yay for us!

Here's the celosias in the center of the waterfall. We didn't plant them this year. We actually cleared out a lot of stuff and put in some pentas, which are fighting a losing battle against the celosias. We *did* have some celosias in there last year, so it seems they flowered, went to seed, and that's where all these came from. Though: last year I got red, orange, yellow - flame colors. These are all pinkish-purple. Hm. Still, rather pretty, and we haven't had to do a thing for care.

The lemons! We have ~30 lemons right now. Citrus is a winter crop, so these won't be ready until December earliest. The most we've ever gotten from the tree is ~20 so this would be great, even if we go 'wtf will we do with all these lemons' for a while. XD

Then there's the little patch in the back that we keep totally forgetting about (oops). The carrots and onions look good still, the coleus are flowering, and a tomato branch that Mom stuck in water is hanging in there and apparently thriving.

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