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...So nobody's got any revelations they'll only reveal anonymously, huh? Well, it's better than *bad* revelations, I guess. ^_~

Played L&L last night. We're level 8. Llocke had his first death. We were going to KGW in KR to hunt 10 Vahz (we're in a slew of defeat-10 missions right now) and got separated. Llocke (Toly) sees a bunch of them and starts attacking. Now, since we're in the same room, we don't need to type, so the dialog goes something like this:

Me: (sees his health bar turn orange) Want me to TP you here? (I was in a safe place)
Him: No, I'm fine. (pops a green pill)
Me: (sees his health bar turn orange again) Want me to TP you?
Him: No. (growls at enemies, pops a green pill)</i>
Me: (sees his health bar turn orange, then red) I can TP you right now.
Him: No, I've got him! Wait - I didn't see that [Mortificator] before, no wonder I'm -
(Llocke dies, Toly curses profusely)
Me: Now can I TP you?

Let me just say I'm glad I got Rez at level 8, you know? Anyway, TP'd him to safety, rezzed him, and he had a whopping 125 debt (which we "evened up" later by having him kill stuff in another zone so I didn't get the XP). When we start getting monster debt later we won't be able to keep even on XP, but for now we can. ^_^

Also, we got the "rescue the homeless people from the Lost in the sewers" mission and every single one of them was the skanky-prostitute-looking woman! Ewww! I was glad most of them thanked Llocke instead of me. Yuch. Later on we had to rescue some other hostages, but they were middle class hostages and therefore looked nicer.

Anyway, we got almost to 9 - only about 1 or 1.5 pips away, I think - but called it a night, so it looks like our days of leveling in one playsession are done. :) (Takes me back to memories of Bone leveling to 19 in 4 hours one night, ah yes...)

Woke up with a headache and a stiff neck. Not sure what it might be from. Got the kids a new inflatable pool that fits on the porch, and even though it was not that warm out (maybe mid-60s?) they got into their swimsuits and played in the pool for about 30 minutes. Hope it keeps them occupied all summer.

Folks saw the new Robots movie and said if you like Robin Williams and fart jokes, this is your movie. (Mom's paraphrased comment: "Robots can't even pass gas, but Robin Williams sure seems to like that joke.") Otherwise, they gave it 2.5 stars.

K is sitting on my lap and really wants to type something, so here is her typing:


What's funny about this is that she's reading the Dvorak letters on the keys while typing Standard. I use a Dvorak keyboard, but the keys have both sets of letters on them for the Dvorak-impaired. I know, I'm a goof.

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