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1) a quilt where a woman made a block a day for 99 days. Same type of block for 6 days, different block on Sundays. This is a neat idea but other than the initial gimmick, idk. Also my stuff tends toward super-scrappy because I don't pick all my fabrics from the same collection before I start.

And I don't know if I could actually quilt a block a day for that long. I don't even do Duolingo on weekends (I buy the amulet). Still, it's a neat idea, and if you had a lot of simple blocks, might be something worth considering.

2) Similarly, I found someone doing an origami-crane silhouette in quilt blocks, apparently also one a day. Same kinda thing as above, but you get the "make 1000 cranes" thing in there too. I'd probably get bored making the same block day after day (same thing as above tbh) but at least the variety of fabrics would keep it from getting boring.

3) I found 2 different "stars in night sky" quilt patterns. One is much bigger than the other. The smaller one uses six different star shapes. Both use scraps and stuff. I might try the smaller one.

4) I found a pattern that I thought would be really cool to just change the colors and then Huxrin pointed out that changing the colors the way I wanted would result in a really offensive image D: No I won't say more than that. It wasn't funny, just awkward to realize. Good thing I mentioned it to her before I got any farther.

5) I say all this despite having the PX postage stamp quilt, the PX world map, the US state blocks and another personal project all on deck. But y'know.

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