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AMA #2: How did I get into gaming?

From [personal profile] ringsandcoffee: How did you get into gaming?

My dad. Seriously. I was... probably 9 or 10? I'm thinking 9, that would've made my brother 8. Anyway. Dad got the old first edition D&D stuff (I honestly don't know if it was D&D or AD&D, they were both available at that time), to play it with me and my brother. So at the start, it was the 3 of us. Of course at that age you don't get roleplaying, not really. And I didn't do RP for years afterward, because I was young. Sure, we tried to tell stories, but teenagers don't have the life experience and knowledge to write *good* stories yet. ;) And mostly it was a lot of fun.

Eventually, in junior high and high school, it ended up with my brother DMing and his friends and I as the party. I was the only girl. I always played the cleric, partly because nobody else wanted to. (AMIRITE LADIES)

Dad was also behind us getting a household computer at a time when that was unusual. I remember bragging to male classmates (girls weren't interested...) about having a 286 and all its specs! Of course online wasn't a thing at the time (yes, I know there were BBS's and the like but we didn't do that sort of thing) but we had games - Tetris, Welltris, Carmen Sandiego...

Before that, my dad worked for a while at Coleco, who made the Colecovision game system, so we actually had a lot of Coleco products in the house, as well as either an Intellivision or an Atari (not sure which one; a lot of games were available on all 3 consoles).

So it was my dad who first got us into it, and we did all kinds of gaming. After high school I kept it up in college and basically until a little before the kids were born for full-time gaming.

After the kids, by that time online gaming was possible, and tbh a lot easier than tabletop. So my kids didn't get initiated into gaming through me or Toly (also a gamer). AngryDandelion got into it through his friends, and he still plays weekly with them or others. Huxrin isn't a gamer per se but she does enjoy watching others play games, depending on the game genre. Some games are more fun to spectate than others.

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