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AMA #1: Someday I would love to...

From [personal profile] james: What project, skill, or craft is on your "someday I would love to" list?

I want to be able to draw my characters so badly. One might argue that I already draw badly, heh. But seriously, I can picture scenes and characters in my head, and I wish I could just... draw them. Put them right onto the page. Pen, pencil, whatever. And I know that to do this requires a lot of time and practice, and I'm at the age where I try and then go "oh crap, this is terrible" and destroy it because I'm so embarrassed at myself. And that's why I can't get better at it; I want to churn out a fully finished product right now and I can't, and I know how to get there, but what I really want is that promised cyberpunk microchip in my head that lets me draw!

What hurts is that by college I was actually pretty darn good and was starting to do sequential art on my own - not good art, but it was tolerable, darn it, the characters looked the same from panel to panel - then I graduated and got a job and that was that.

~ ~ ~

When I was younger I wanted to make my own clothes. I never had enough drive to actually start doing it. Not like Huxrin who has the drive and the willpower to see it through. I know I could do this, but again, practice. That said, I could probably figure it out eventually, y'know, patterns and stuff. And a class.

~ ~ ~

Someday I will finish A Gun for Barns and re-read and edit it and start putting it up on AO3. I haven't yet because, duh, not finished, and I have made some retcons partway through (like, protag's backstory changed a bit) so it does require editing. I think I'm on the home stretch though. And then of course there will be the nerve-wracking problem of, will anyone read it?

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AMA week: Ask Questions Here

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