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Incredibles 2

Mom treated us to see it (tickets only, we got our own drinks) and I enjoyed it very much. I don't think it's really a kids' movie; there's some fairly grown-up concepts going on in it. But now I don't have to worry about spoilers on the internet while waiting for Redbox!

Very enjoyable indeed but the flashing-lights problem is real. None of the instances are very long (most are only a couple of seconds) but there are several of them, so you couldn't just tell someone "at 20 minutes in, close your eyes for a minute".

That said:

- Elastigirl gets tons of screen time! She gets to be the major hero of the movie. She has sort of an omni-power and she really uses it well.
- surprisingly modern concepts of story
- actually deals in both movies with the problems of superhero/villain damages, casualties and aftereffects and how the public deals with it
- Jack Jack was tolerable
- Bob the house-dad started incompetent but didn't stay incompetent, he realized he had to learn and adapt and did his best to do so (I HATE the incompetent-dad trope with a burning passion)
- kept the same look/music/themes except prettier
- a rather varied selection of supers including some POC (besides Frozone)
- all the voice actors but one (Dash, and that's understandable since his VA was 9 at the time)
- like her mother, Violet has an omni-power, we just didn't realize it before (this movie shows it)
- didn't beat the audience over the head with the MESSAGE (tm)

UNPOPULAR OPINION: I never liked Jack Jack in the first movie and mostly tolerated his character. I don't know why I don't like him, because on average I actually like babies and understand that they can't communicate like we do, and they need love and care and so on. But man I found him irritating. I never watched "Jack Jack Attack" short either. Probably I'm the only Incredibles fan who hasn't/won't.

- loads of Jack Jack...
- villain reminded me of that giant woman in the Dreamworks(?) aliens movie? Monsters vs Aliens? She was the woman who could grow really huge or something? Anyway her character design reminded me of that, a lot
- character designs got a little weird if you weren't one of the Incredibles or Frozone (those... noses) (those... weird super skinny bodies/legs)
- none of the other supers looked exactly competent *even though they were* which I think is kind of an image problem on their part (or maybe they were chosen because they wouldn't upstage Elastigirl?)
- most of the voice actors for this franchise are getting long in the tooth and might not be able to keep this up if another movie takes a while
- despite the ending, I still had to go back and think about whether supers were legal or not at the end of the movie
- wait wait so are super powers something you're born with? Not the result of government experimentation? I know the franchise doesn't have to explain its origins but

Anyway - liked it, will own it later, recommended.

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