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stream of consciousness writing today

One nice thing about starting over with a computer is that you can clean out a lot of stuff. Fresh bookmark time! - if you really needed/wanted to go there, you'll remember it and look it up. Comics cleanout! - if you can't remember what comics you used to read daily, then you don't need to worry about them any more, they weren't important.

Also nice: Citizens of Earth now plays better, so I have to assume it was my old computer doing all those crashes, for reasons still unknown to me (it wasn't doing it to other games and CoE is not a really intensive game to run).

I'm still giving Microsoft Edge (browser) a chance but already there's stuff I'm not thrilled with, like how my old Chrome/Firefox extensions just don't exist for Edge. I had a few that I really liked and not having them is an irritant. (For the record, here are two: "JustRead" which stripped all the ads etc out of articles so it was just text; and "Tumblr Savior" which allowed me to blacklist phrases, words and tags, and boy had that list grown!)

I really hope Fallout 76 is a game I want to play, since now I have a computer that can probably play it. Hope there'll be some concrete info at E3. I doubt it's an MMO (which would be cool) but I really hope it's not like Fallout Shelter.

Poking around eBay for unused old stamps (around 37 cents face value) and there's awesome stamps out there, but they're priced at $1 each on average. For $1.15 I can get the international stamp currently in release, or for $1 I can get two forever stamps for domestic use. Old postage isn't really worth anything except as postage, so I get they're trying to make some money on these things, but I can't see paying x3 price for them.

E3 coverage: holy cow, 2019 is going to be a year for games after all this drought.

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