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Boo to donuts

This morning had to make a trip over to O'do with the folks, so we took the kids too. Unfortunately I forgot to eat breakfast before we left, and the only thing the folks had in the car was... donuts. The kind you buy in a box at the gas station while the other person fills the tank.

My folks aren't really to blame on this one. Apart from my grandparents in their 80s (of whom one remains alive) I'm the only person who's at risk for diabetes. And my grands were/are all very overweight, which led to their problem - theirs was entirely controllable by diet (though Grandma and Gramps didn't make much of an effort on that front... -_-; ) So far, as you know from reading this, my risk is also minimized with proper diet.

Still, I was starving, and the general rule of thumb is that you can afford to splurge once in a great while. So I ate a donut, and made a joke about "If I'm moody and violent this afternoon, we know why!"

But actually I've got stomach cramps and want very much to vomit. Blargh. I *did* manage to get a sandwich at Disney Marketplace - roast beef, cheese, and horseradish sauce - that was heavy on the bread, unfortunately, so that's probably not helping. BTW, I thought horseradish was supposed to be, like, hot and spicy. This was sort of like mayonnaise. Am I wrong? It wasn't bad, technically, though not a flavor I want on what's basically a beef'n'cheese sandwich.

Tonight: meatballs, tomato sauce and whole wheat spaghetti. The pasta is not homemade this time around (everything else is) 'cause I'm feeling lazy, I have to still do the CS (we didn't get back 'til 1:30) and I feel pretty yucky from the refined carbs. OTOH maybe this is better than the mood swings.

Going to try to write something if the CS finishes up and the kids nap OK.
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