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It's been about a week for these but I had to download an app to attempt macro photos with my cell phone. Which means they're still not 100% great but at least I can get a picture!

For Mother's Day my kids each paid for a custom mini from HeroForge.com. I posted about these earlier but all the pix are now under the cut 'cause there's several.

So here are the 3D representations from the HeroForge website. Bear in mind these things are like 1" tall when complete, so detail is a little hard to see when they're really tiny.

Gunnar, post-apocalyptic genre, and Rikku, northern survival genre.

For $20 each you get a white plastic 3D printed miniature based on your design (so it's your own fault if you did something wrong, heh). The beauty of HeroForge is it lets you mix and match a huge number of possibilities.

Of course, next is painting them, because a white mini has even less detail visible, heh. I had to order paint off Amazon because there's only one game shop locally (I had to find it; haven't been to one in years and years) and all my old paints dried up and the LGS only had super expensive Citadel paints. I got mine for I think $20 on Amazon on sale? Anyway they're Vallejo brand and wow, they're really nice.

I also checked on my magnifier lamp and guess what? It still works! Woot! I also took out my lenses so I could get super close up to the minis while working. (Had to buy brushes but game shop guy advised "just get a pack from a craft store unless you're going into this full time".)

So after a day or two of painting, the results... again, bear in mind these things are about 1" tall (2.5cm).

(On Rikku above, I'm aware that I forgot to paint his belt, I fixed that after the photo, you can see it below)

And here they are in my second miniatures shadowbox.

Now I want to do more of these! Heh. I forgot how much I enjoyed painting them. Of course at $20 a pop these aren't the cheapest things I could be painting, lol, but boy it was fun. I suppose I could design a few and "store" them for future orders... ;)

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