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Saturday night / also garden week... 12 I think?

Still spraying the garden with soapy water to try to discourage the insects. We've found a fair number of decently sized little squashes that then began to rot, so... we still don't know what's causing this. Last year we grew squash all summer.

Tomatoes are doing fine and Giant Kidney Monster Tomato is finally starting to ripen.

I made cherry muffins - Mom got out her 1963 cookbook (it's huge!) which has (she says) a superior recipe because it's not so dry as today's recipe. We had some fresh cherries so I pitted and chopped those and added them to the recipe and also a bit of almond extract. They came out tasty.

I have a game we picked up who-knows-when on Steam, I'm enjoying it very much, but developer support apparently stopped in 2015 and it's crashtastic. Save early, save often. It's good I like the game enough to put up with the crashes.

School is out! Everyone is done! With high school anyway. Summer classes start next week at the college.

It is now into mid-90s during the day and "feels like 105" and the AC is struggling to combat it and I'm just so done already with the heat, and June has just started.

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