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Row by Row 2018

I completely forgot about this because I've got other things to do (the world map, the state blocks, the postage stamp quilt - hey I have to post on some of these!) as well as plenty in the stash (kits and patterns I've collected).

But [personal profile] iceraptoress emailed me and asked how the Texas rows looked, so I looked at the FB page for them. Many of them are perfectly nice. They aren't my thing, not my kinda stuff, but they're nice.

I feel like the first year I ever did this, I got so many good kits, and then after that I got lucky with "friends" rows and "space" rows, and then the past couple years have not been all that great.

So be it; oh, and because most of the locations aren't near me that *do* have nice designs this year, I'll have to remember and order them in November.

... I do have those Alaska rows I was putting together that one time. I should see how many of those I have left and if I can make something from that.

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