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Garden week 10

Garden picture time! (Under the cut of course)

Strawberries (starting to send some runners) and the coleus, which are doing quite well. The plan this week is to transplante them. But it rained a lot yesterday so we need it to dry out a bit now.

The carrot forest. This seems like a great setting for one of those "shrunk by magic spell/weird science" B-movies that shows ants and bugs threatening the now-inch-high humans.

I have no idea how we will slice some of these tomatoes when they ripen. Look that that weird kidney shaped tomato! That's one of the Cherokees. We're very happy with the flavor on the Cherokee purples. The Better Boy hybrids are big and heavy and a nice red color, but not as tasty. Next year I'll try for all heirloom tomato plants.

The tomato plants have since been tied/staked more upright because they're getting too tall to hold themselves up. They're still setting fruit, though.

(Also setting fruit, not shown: the lemon tree. All that fertilizing is finally paying off! Also that rain had to help.)

CORN! Still a few weeks out.

Next weekend is the blueberry farm opening for the season, and we have to decide how many berries we really want to get; it's only $2.50 a pound and they freeze well and stay good for up to 2 years, but there's also the "don't get 50 lbs of berries" thing which can happen when you get carried away. Mom says she'll go with me. I know the kids aren't interested and just want to sleep in this year. If any of you lived near I'd ask if you wanted to get up at the crack of dawn to pick blueberries at 7 am before the heat gets really bad! ^_^

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